Anything you need, to operate your Business in Albania


Thanks for joining us!

Are you a company operating in Albania?!  Here is how it works:

Assistance from professionals, best knowing Albanian markets if you need to rent, buy, sell or any other type of services you might need to keep forwarding your project, we can help.

We are group of companies operating in Albania since 2005. Our subject is to complete, resolve and help get best deals in Albania.

We trade: Oil and Gas, Heavy duty machines, Transport of Liquids and Inerts, construction tools, business consullence, part time worker or workers, etc.

Company activity is mainly focused in :

Assistance, Consultancy, Trading, Renting for your operating company in Albania.

Services which are connected with it’s activities like Technical Consultancy.
Different services like assembly, welding, storage etc, with the support of a professional staff.
Thanks to the reliability, credibility and the work of its dedicated staff our company managed since the beginning of its activity to collaborate with the major companies in Europe, to sign contracts with them and gain their trust as an authorized distributor.
SKY is open to collaborate with international companies who need a strong and correct partner in Albania or other markets in order to deliver their products.
With the gained experience SKY will continue to strengthen its market position by offering the best products in quality and price and by extending the sales in other markets of the region. We will continue to serve as best associate for the construction companies and in meeting their needs for the best products.


Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton


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